The Medieval Magazine: Anglo-Saxon England (Volume 2 Issue 5)

The Medieval Magazine: Anglo-Saxon England (Volume 2 Issue 5)

We take a look at Anglo-Saxon England this week, including a Mercian Queen, and what happened to Britain’s plants and animals when Roman rule collapsed. You can also learn about the four humors, one of the most prominent medical ideas from the Middle Ages, and read about what women were trying to do to cope with infertility.

Inside this issue:

Vanishing Plants, Animals, and Places: Britain’s Transformation from Roman to

The Four Humors

8th-century Muslim Graves discovered in France

3-D technology used to safely reveal the diet of medieval children

From Medieval kings to modern politics: the origins of England’s North-South

Osthryth, Queen of the Mercians

Who Gave King Arthur a “crippling blow”?

Infertility in the Middle Ages

Book Review: London: A Travel Guide Through Time

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